Crown/Three Rivers Press editor Jason Pinter's bloggy musings—since removed—about the relative success of Crown author Chris Bohjalian's latest effort, compared to Ishmael Beah's Starbucks-anointed memoir, seem to have gotten him canned. His last day was yesterday. (Citing Bookscan numbers on one's personal website is apparently against house policy.) But don't feel too bad for Pinter: he's got his career as a thriller writer to fall back on! And besides, his last few stinky acquisitions for Three Rivers—which include a gimmicky blog book by that dude who bartered a paperclip for a house, and the latest by Modern Drunkard Frank Kelly Rich—are all someone else's problem now. So really, Pinter owes us and Galleycat a beer or something for linking to his blog and getting him fired. We'll hold our breaths waiting for the thank you note.

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