More news on that whole Meatpacking District vs. Hotel Gansevoort billboard story! Someone on the inside says a number of local businesses will join Keith McNally in the boycott of reservations coming from the Hotel Gansevoort because of the hotel's hideous billboard. Last week, a meeting of local business owners convened, hosted by McNally, that included David Rabin of Lotus, folks from The Waverly Inn and 5 Ninth, and most likely The Spotted Pig's Ken Friedman, to compare notes and mock the owner of the Gansevoort.

Two interesting quotes from the inside:

  • "I think you may benefit if you don't have any Gansevoort patrons"—the owner of The Park and The Waverly Inn [that'd be either Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson], suggesting that a boycott will be GOOD for their businesses. McNally confirmed that the boycott has had zero effect on business so far, although people have mentioned it when they come in the restaurant.
  • "You're fucking with my livelihood, are you sure you want to do this? I will take it to the grave"—Gansevoort owner William Achenbaum, during a heated, expletive-filled phone call shortly after news of the conflict broke, according to the owner of 5 Ninth [presumably Joel Michel]. Apparently during the call he claimed to have done more for the community than anyone. That got some incredulous laughter from the group.
  • There will be further meetings. This is far from over.

Sweet! We love a good battle against oppression.

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