MEGAN MCCARTHY — Last night marked a soiree at Slide for Revision3, the net TV net brought to you by the fine folks at Digg. Indie mag XLR8R has joined the outfit with XLR8R TV; mag founder Andrew Smith says the show covers "cutting-edge music and culture." (Also, the host of the show is named — no joke and completely coincidentally — Vivian Host.) Slide is a newish club partially owned by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams (he was there, but left before I could be introduced). Slide's speakeasy theme perplexingly includes an actual slide patrons can use to enter the club; is this how it was done back in Prohibition? At least two people copped to using the slide last night. "It's a lot better in a speedo," said one. As are so many things. Full gallery of fotographic fun may be found here, courtesy of lenswoman Lane Hartwell. After the jump, our report and a sample of the visual entertainment.

Hooray for drink tickets! They gave me one at the door, but it was a cash bar after the first round. Boo. The crowd was very hipster Mission/SOMA It was cold outside, and everyone seemed inclined to keep their jacket on, as if they were both trying to keep warm and trying to decide if the party was cool enough to stick around.

Free copies of XLR8R were handed out, which I forgot to take with me, because I'm a dumbass. Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg and Chairman and CEO of Revision3, grabbed a mic to introduce a teaser of the show, but there were constant audio problems. When the mic was working, the audio feed of the video was not. When the audio feed worked, the mic was giving a lot of feedback, etc. The bass was loud enough to feel, and not in a good way.

Digg's Kevin Rose made the required appearance, of course, despite his currently dismal showing in our Vlog Hot poll. He did not seem all that broken up about it though, spending his time laying his mack down on all the ladies present.

Garret Camp from StumbleUpon was nearby, along with Leah Culver from Wink (another Vlog Hottie contestant) and Tim Kelly from Virgin America. Kelly's very excited about the upcoming cross-country Virgin flight for Diggnation, as well he should be.

Meet Justin and Louise, who introduced themselves with "We're friends with benefits." After seeing my reaction (stopping, blinking, contemplating the concept of TMI), Louise went on to explain that "Friends with Benefits" is the name of their event-planning company. Zing! Much later, after navigating around crowds of TechTV alums, I managed to corner nice guy David Prager (Revision3 COO and cofounder) for a few questions, but it was too dark to see what I was writing down. He obligingly held my illuminated cellphone over my notes to aid visibility. Thanks Dave!

Be sure to check the full gallery.