So last February, About A Boy director and screenwriter Chris Weitz was going to direct the movie version of Neil Strauss' pickup scheme The Game for Columbia. But now that option on the film has expired, and Neil—who took on the persona of "Style" in his book, and now apparently calls himself that at all times—could not be happier. He'll finally get to make the movie that he really deserves, as an email he just sent out to his Stylelife "secure list" (oops!) so insanely expressed.

From: Style
Date: Feb 27, 2007 5:00 PM

Thanks for all the supportive emails about last week's announcement. I received a bunch of responses I'd really like to answer in a future newsletter, about some of the bigger issues of Love and Forever.

Because this has proven so far to be a secure list with no leaks, I guess I feel comfortable telling you something else:

Ever since the success of The Game, I've been a bit torn and confused about something.




My original plan was simply to put out The Game, and then start working on my next books on other subjects.

But after tens of thousands of emails from guys who wanted to learn, in addition to some behind the scenes advice from others in the community, I decided to train five apprentices with what I'd learned.

You've all probably read the wild stories from their lives today.

After that, I released 375 copies of the DVDs I made for them. And although some people managed to procure bootleg copies, they really missed out on the knowledge because I saved a lot of the method for

the follow-up coaching, tele-seminars, emails, and live seminar I did with the Final 375.

But that's not the point.

The point is that not only did I never plan to be in the business of coaching after that, I technically wasn't allowed to.




What I've never told you is that I've been in a bind this whole time.

Because I had no idea how successful The Game would be, I allowed a certain type of film option that I wouldn't grant now. That film option bit me in the ass. It made it practically impossible to do certain things that would help the broadest amount of guys in the best way possible. These were things I'd dreamed about, things guys have been asking me for, things that would allow them to replicate my journey through a much quicker and easier route.

It saddened me to see more and more teachers out there who don't really care. And who don't have any real field experience or social skills. And who exploit my name in order to take the hard-earned money of people who have a real desire to master the game.

Well, that's all about to end. The film option is now mine again.

So all the guys who are worried about The Game suddenly becoming a mainstream movie can breathe easy for now. I'm officially free to do something special for you. Something that's never been done


And I know you've heard a few "lasts" from me before, but this REALLY is it. Through experimenting with many different things in the limited capacity I was allowed since The Game, I know what I must do.

And I give you my word right here and now that this is it: as they say on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, it's MY FINAL ANSWER.

I need to put a few finishing touches on it, and test the hell out of it until I'm sure it's as perfect as my approach game at its peak, and then I will fill you in.

So hang tight. And we'll talk soon.



P.S. Thanks for your coolness and discretion and great emails. Keep it up, and I may just give you a brand new field report in the next email... with a killer routine. Maybe.

Stylelife Academy


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