One of our favorite e-mail services comes from MediaPost: It's "Magazine Rack," their occasional review of different books that you'd never read on your own (recent titles have included Organic Gardening, Western Interiors, and Radar). Today's installment takes a look at Your Prom, and it represents everything that's great about the feature. We did not even know Your Prom existed, but thanks to MediaPost's Larry Dobrow, we know more about it than we ever wanted to.

Dobrow is initially skeptical:

Your Prom is more or less a catalog, albeit one with a total absence of even slightly overweight women and a surfeit of prommed-up white chicks slathered in whorey makeup. ...Nothing here transcends typical teen-mag fodder. Punctuality, according to the A-to-Z trend guide, is "hot"; gangsta poses in prom photos are "not." It is possible to match a dress to one's personality (though I can't imagine what kind of gal would wear an "iridescent bubble-gum-pink drop-waist organza dress with a ruffle skirt" — perhaps a color-blind schizophrenic?)

Still, there are bright spots:

I do give Your Prom credit for its multiethnic bent. The Spring issue devotes a huge chunk o' space to coverage of and ideas for Quincea era celebrations — which, with their candle ceremonies and crowns, sound like a seriously pimped-out Bat Mitzvah.... For the average starry-eyed suburban teen, Your Prom is worth crashing.

Yeah, yeah, okay, that last line is horrible. But it's also sort of great, right? MediaPost requires that you fill out some ridiculous form to subscribe, but we think it's totally worth it.

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