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Details continue to trickle from within the gated, seaside facility known as Promise Malibu, inside which Britney Spears battles her impulse-humoring demons (HairRecoveryWatch: .4 inches and counting!). Following Friday's 90-minute visit from ex-husband Kevin Federline, is reporting that Spears' shatter-resistant children Sean Preston and Jayden James have also dropped by; their initial distress at seeing their shorn mom was quickly allayed once she handed them a box of color Sharpies and let them go to town on her scalp. The Scoop also notes that Spears has opted to spare no expense during her stay there, booking a whole wing of the recovery center for her rehabilitation needs:

The "Toxic singer" reportedly booked an entire wing for herself at Promises, the Malibu clinic where she's hoping to detox.

"She wants all the rooms on her wing," a source told the London Sun. "It will cost her hundreds of thousands."

The singer wants to avoid mixing with other patients, according to the paper, but another source says she's equally concerned about stories being leaked to the media.

There is one other possible explanation: Extra also reports that deeply troubled Baldwin brother Daniel has reached out to Spears while also booked at Promises, and that she "seemed 'a little fearful' of her situation." Having the entire Robert Downey Jr. Memorial Wing to herself would presumably avoid further unsolicited and terrifying incidents of attempted sponsorship by any other overly friendly, recovering lesser Baldwins who may be lurking around a tastefully decorated corner.