24 students at a southwestern Virginia high school were suspended Thursday for wearing clothing displaying the Confederate flag in protest of school policy. Christiansburg High School banned the symbol after instances of “racially motivated behavior” (or “mysteriously and not at all purposefully unelaborated behavior”) back in 2001 and 2002, NBC reports.

More recently, the school created a new policy that forbid students from displaying Confederate iconography on their cars if they wanted to park in the school’s parking lot, which lead to the protest. Removing a label off your car is sticky and difficult, but removing antiquated Confederacy pride is proving to be even stickier.

“They’re trying to get rid of it, and they’re not trying to get rid of any other flags,” student and suspected Kid Rock fan Forrest Taylor told NBC affiliate WSLS.

21 of the 24 students refused to comply with dress code when asked, NBC reports. The 21 true believers who wouldn’t comply were given one-day in-school suspensions.

Then things got a little rowdy, and 15 were issued a one-day out-of-school suspension, and two got handed a three-day suspension for “threatening and abusive language.” Sources believe the two will spend their three-day suspension posting pro-Confederate flag memes to their Facebook page and getting drunk off their dad’s Bud Light.

[Image via WSLS]