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More boys for you! We're defining "news" very loosely here (not to mention "boy"), but there is at least a pretense towards conveying some kind of informational communication in most of these vlogs, at least sometimes. Some hugging, likely no learning. On tap are Pedro Andrade, Alex Blagg, David Hauslaib, Drew Olanoff, and George Oliphant. Vote, jump, et cetera.

If you can't see the voting mechanism below, we can't help you. We don't know how it works either. You might try turning off firewalls and turning on cookies. Note that you can now vote more than once! And why not? You should be able to vote once per day in any of these polls, showing true devotion to your favorite vlogger by suborning the more casual, ephemeral love showered on her or his opponents. Again, if you have technical problems with that, don't call us. For amusement only, far as you're concerned.