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We heart Michael Gross, the gossipy author who works the Alex Kuczynski beat nearly as hard as we do. And so, apparently, does Liz Smith, who sends a mondo air kiss Gross's way in today's column:

Want a gossipy Web site? Go to, the one by Michael Gross. Mr. Gross is the author of that sizzling book "740 Park" and also the editor of the Bergdorf Goodman magazine.

Hmm, we wonder—why Liz is pimping another gossip so hard?

Lizzy McHorses-Alot goes on to mention that Gross called her coverage of kabillionaire Steve Schwartzman's birthday megaparty "glowing" and "a Valentine," affording her an opportunity to point out that "Mr. and Mrs. Schwarzman didn't find it a Valentine, nor did they think it glowed - except radioactively perhaps." Do you think that Liz is perhaps getting some pleasure out of pointing to Gross's analysis of the "correction" in her column, in which Schwartzman's second wife Christine complained that it was innacurate to refer to Steve as a member of the "Rich Kid's Club," since he wasn't to the manor born?

After all, Gross makes the deliciously nasty point that Schwartzman is "self-made, though his first wife, the daughter of a millionaire, did give him a leg up." Love is in the air!

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