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PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our readers, and are posted several times a week, so send them in with the kind of enthusiasm you usually reserve for new episodes of Medium and lovemaking. Submit yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and let everyone know about the time you saw Jay Mohr having his toenails done.

In today's episode: Kate Winslet; Jimmy Woods; Jon Lovitz; Kiefer Sutherland, Parminder Nagra and Willie Garson; Kirsten Dunst; Eric McCormack; Kevin Dillon; Wes Bentley; Lacey Chabert; Jared Leto; Hayden Panettiere; Jay Mohr; Peter Gallagher; Mischa Barton; Paul Reubens; Jeanne Tripplehorn and Leland Orser; Clancy Brown; Chris Noth; Nora Zehetner; Hillary Duff and Usher.

· Kate Winslet, dressed down in baggy jeans, a dark sweatshirt, and no makeup — but looking super hot nevertheless — shopping half-frantically from a prepared list at the Ralph's in Malibu.

· Saturday night. Chateau Marmont around 10:30. A rumpled Jon Lovitz sits alone and forlorn on the couch behind the hostess station. Black suit, wrinkled shirt, six chins.

Sunday night. Dan Tanas. 11ish. Jimmy Woods and the underage tart Ashley Madison join another older man with badly dyed red hair in a center booth. At some point, she says "Daddy?" and both men look up. Kidding about that that last part.

· Was at Dominick's tonight. Came in and immediately saw Stanford from Sex and the City (Willie Garson) as he was leaving. he remarked to his party... "people are still coming in?" at 945pm. I then found myself sitting at the table right between that of Kiefer Sutherland and friends, and Parminder Nagra and friends. Kiefer was with a table of about 10. Someone had a little baby with them, and then I saw a couple of girls come in and try to call Kiefer to see where he was.. then recognized him and came to the table. They made room for them and kiefer had his hand around the waist of one of the girls... they were very young looking. Shots started coming to the table concurrently with the ricotta fritters.

· Saw Kirsten Dunst at LAX last night, Sun, Feb 18th. She was being photographed by people in the baggage claim area. Got a little testy when a razzi started shooting her. She hid behind a large man, but eventually got all of her luggage and headed out. She was carrying a lot of stuff. She looked tiny.

· Saturday 2/17, or as I like to call it, Night of a Thousand Underwhelming Stars. Saw a bearded Eric McCormack at Cat and Fiddle with a greasy dude sporting "Legends of the Fall" hair. Oh, you're so hetero. Followed that up with Wes Bentley (who? what?) outside of UCB, while at nearby La Poubelle, Kevin Dillon and Lacey "30 and still playing 16" Chabert were having dinner (not together, thank god).

· Just left the LA Fitness on La Cienega Friday night about 7:30PM, when I pass by a guy explaining to the check in people how his wife lost her card. I look over, and its none other than Johnny Drama! (Kevin Dillon) The family that works out together on a Friday night stays together, I guess...

· 2/9 Jared Leto at the Roxy watching Chris Hall of Stabbing westwards new locally formed band "The Dreaming". He hung out in the seating area while they played and Chris kept making jokes about how they'd like to go on tour with 30 seconds to mars.

· Was at the car wash on 2/13, and in front of me was a wine colored Porsche Cayenne. Out pops a little blond thing with a dress that matches the car, plus a gold lame belt, purse and wedge platform heels. It's Hayden Panettiere (Cheerleader on "Heroes")! All the car wash guys are agog, because said dress barely covers her ass and she's having problems stepping down from the car. Girlfriend looks like she's going somewhere. I text my friend (who is good friends with her) and friend asks, "Did she have hair extensions in?" I say no, then friend replies, "Oh, that's her normal day look, because she's afraid of paparazzi photos". Poor baby, dressing up just in case somebody should snap a photo of you in a t-shirt, flip flops and jeans.

· Hi guys - so double sighting on Sunday 2/18:

#1 - Jay Mohr getting a pedicure at a nail salon in Studio City. His wife has beautiful breasts. I know this because when you wear a henley and don't do up any of the buttons, everyone can see your rack. On the flip side, girlfriend needs to lay off the lip injectibles. Jay was loud and skinny. And once again, getting a pedicure, in a spa chair no less. Nuff said.

#2 - Peter Gallagher having dinner at Katusya in Brentwood. Dude needed a comb but was otherwise looking as delicious as my crispy rice and Sunset Roll. Was very congenial to his waiter, who was most likely a better waiter than the one Peter played in "The Idolmaker." Mmm, Caesare...

· I was outside Hyde on Saturday night and Mischa Barton and friend were arguing with the John Waters look alike 'list guy..." From what I got from the conversation, he refused to let Mischa Barton's friend's in who were ON THE LIST. We were on the list too but if Mischa Barton can't get her friends in we figured our chances of arguing with him were slim. My friend DID notice, however, Madonna's hairdresser in a ratty hoodie and his assistant breezed right in without even checking in. Lame. Is that place over

· Fri., Feb. 16, I was at the Burbank Hollywood Collector's convention, where washed up celebs go to pad out their social security checks. And who was there begging for people to buy his autograph? Pee-wee Herman, aka Paul Reubens. No takers that I could see. I think he's spraying his bald spot with house paint.

· In line for concessions downstairs at the Arclight Saturday night, we saw Clancy Brown, Kate's dad from "Heroes", and, as my fiance, said "the Kurgan!" (whatever that means) with some lady who looked dressed for a board meeting in a fetching brown pants suit. We also saw Jeanne Tripplehorn (who looked gorgeous — way better than on TV) with her husband, Leland Orser (thank you, IMDB!) from "ER".

· We went for a late lunch Monday at Cafe du Village in Larchmont (they have B! Come on, guys? Get your shit together!) and we saw Chris Noth, looking filthy and unbathed with really greasy hair — yet still totally fucking hot. And tall. Then five minutes later at Larchmont Beauty Supply, I saw Nora Zehetner from the movie "Brick" and more recently, from "Lost," and she looked tiny and bony, but gorgeous.

· Sat (2/17) - Hillary Duff leaving Berry Elegance in Studio City.

· while trying to find a new pair of sneakers at sportie la, saw Usher walk in and be schmoozed by the owners, leaving me to wait to pay. he was driving a new s550, i guess I always expect better