Today's Deepest Thought comes to us courtesy of bar-hound George Gurley, whose work in the Observer never fails to make us fantasize about moving to one of the Portlands, or an upstate ashram. This week, George asked the patrons of Bungalow 8 to opine about the Iraq war.

The responses were predictably... you know what, sometimes there just aren't any words. Well, except these, from 40 year old beret-wearer Jacqie Venable:

I don't see myself as an American," she said. "I see myself as a child of a higher being, and I feel privileged to walk this earth with my daughter and my family. The war in Iraq just reminds me of my everyday war. The only way that I can make a difference is being really grateful for the good, the bad, the ugly—what I can do for me. If I'm straight and I love everybody in a grateful world, that's the only contribution I can make. And I can teach that to my daughter."

I asked what she'd rather be talking about.

"My daughter. Shoes. Handbags. Fashionistas to laugh at. Waxing the undercarriage—from your poonnany to your back door. It's fucking painful."

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