Emily Weiss, the Teen Vogue intern and NYU student who made a guest appearance on Monday night's episode of The Hills, seems to be one of those people anointed as special at a young age. She's the pretty one, but she's also the smart one, and the stylish one, and the hard-working one, and she gets the Teen Vogue internship and the Chanel internship! Bitch. Then again, she's also given to quotes like: "If you throw on some rugged accessories, you can get away wearing pink velvet or sequins to class—at least in New York." Righty-o! Anyway, a kindly reader scanned in the first page of Emily's spread in the Dec. 2005/Jan. 2006 Teen Vogue, from whence we ganked that quote. Peruse, and ask yourself why you weren't to the Wilton, CT manor born.

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