Huffington Post/Radarite Peter Hyman takes a look at how the Joe Dolce-out-at-Star story played out:

[W]e had heard rumblings that Dolce's axing was imminent on Wednesday, and were tempted to report on it. But prudence dictated, and we decided that a single blind source (who, as it turns out, was spot on) was not enough.

What all of this illustrates is the difference between blogs like Jossip, or Perez Hilton and a "news organization" such as Radar, the latter of which are held to higher standards, and need to report out rumors. Both serve their purposes, and we're not taking anything away from Jossip, but as Web 2.0 evovles, the difference between gossip blogging and actual reporting is becoming sharper. There is a distinction between speculating and breaking news. But it's a slippery slope, because this same freedom allows nimble players like Jossip and Gawker to loosen the cap on a lot of stories (and to challenge the bigger media institutions).

It's a fair point, and it does illustrate the difference: "news organizations" such as Radar will at least wait until someone forwards them the same memos we all get.

But we can't not appreciate the news-gathering sites: After all, without them would we have the story of the CNN sex fridge? We think not.

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