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We've always had a thing for playwright, AIDS activist, and general homo-rabblerouser Larry Kramer. Seriously, how can you not love the author of Faggots? So we were delighted to learn that Larry is up to his old tricks—and this time, he's rallying his troops to take on the most homophobic, bigoted magazine in your dentist's waiting room: US News & World Report.

Larry's beef? Well, he claims that an article about the colonial settlement Jamestown omitted an important detail: that the all-male community who lived there 400 years ago were totally queer. In a letter to the editor that he says the magazine refuses to publish, Larry asserts:

Year after year in the wilderness made lives for hundreds and then thousands almost too harsh to bear without affection. My own research is turning up not only widespread coupling of men with each other, indeed even with personal commitment ceremonies, but actual families being formed as two men bought infants from the Indians to raise as their own.

But that's not even the best part.

In order to ensure that his cries for justice would be heard after the magazine told him that his letter was a no-go, Larry sent out an email to every gay and gay-acting journalist writer type person in New York.

Edmund White! Poz mag founder Sean Strub! Honorary gay Calvin Trillin! Longtime Vanity Fair celeb talker Kevin Sessums! East Village lady-playwright Sarah Shulman! Kurt Vonnegut's wife Jill Krementz! Naomi Wolf! Frank Rich! Michael Cunningham! "Wicked" director Joe Mantello! Seriously, there's a cast of thousands here.

Won't you do something about the rights of colonial settlers to buy Indian infants? We feel that we've done our part.

Struggling From One Peril To The Next, The Jamestown Settlers Planted The Seeds [ed: haha] Of The American Spirit [US News & World Report]