Yesterday, we asked you to help us ID the novelist looking for a "female" personal assistant with "experience in being a personal assistant to a writer, filmmaker, artist or similar person in a creative field" on Craigslist. Some of you threw out wildly hopeful suggestions — yes, we wish that Jonathan "Saffy" Foer and Nicole Krauss used Craigslist too, but their assistants have assistants to look for new assistants for them. Fortunately, we live in an era when writer types obsessively document every detail of their lives and transactions online; aging teen phenom Ned Vizzini is no exception.

In fact, with a website, a blog, and a MySpace, he's kind of the rule. So when Ned posted his ad on Craigslist, he actually screencapped the payment screen and then posted it in his Clipmarks folder, ostensibly to make some kind of point about how Craigslist isn't free.

Well, maybe in addition to her duties ordering things on Amazon and handling Ned's MySpace friend requests, his new personal assistant will teach him how to cover his tracks. We think her very first order of business should be updating the Press section of Ned's Official Website. Currently, Ned just has a link to Google News because, he says, "I don't have time to post articles about myself anymore, plus, it's pretty solipsistic, don't you think?"

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