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This morning brings the utterly unsurprising news that the allegedly nonexistent sex tape featuring second-tier Paris Hilton sidekick Kim Kardashian and some "Ray J" guy we've never heard of does, in fact, exist, and will soon be offered for sale at the misleadingly named website Kim Kardashian Superstar, which is already littered with preview images from the video. While Kardashian's official stance is "completely caught off-guard" and "ready to sue", porn purveyor Vivid is giddy about what their $1 million bought:

"I've seen the video and it's really great," Hirsch said. "It has over 30 minutes of explicit sex that fans of erotica will find very appealing featuring two young and glamorous high profile celebrities. Apparently, the video was shot by Ray J about three years ago when he and Kim were in a relationship. The production is crystal clear and viewers will definitely get their money's worth. If either Kim or Ray J would like to discuss the video with us we would be happy to do so."

We have to commend Vivid on its savvy in going with the Kim Kardashian Superstar title instead of something related to the golden shower rumored to be the video's highlight; erotica fans inclined to line up for Superstar on the day it goes on sale might be turned off by something in the more exploitative vein of Brandy's Brother Pees On Paris Hilton's BFF.

UPDATE: Our porny sister site Fleshbot is already a little unimpressed: "Since we doubt a company like Vivid would risk selling something like this without having the necessary 2257 documentation on hand, there's the sneaking suspicion that Kim might be in full cahoots with its distribution process, which kind of takes the edge off everything as far as we're concerned."

UPDATE 2: TMZ reports the disappointing news that the sex tape is watersports-free.