From Page Six today:

A NEW suspect has emerged in the yearlong investigation to identify the anonymous author of the nauseating gossip Web site Sources speculated to Page Six that photographer/marketer Kate Schelter is likely behind the Web site, which is devoted to tracking, ranking and dishing on New York socialites and fashionistas.
"Schelter is the only one in that world who could come up with this," said our source. "She designs Web sites, knows all the dirt and is at every show."

From a tip we received yesterday:

Has anyone suggested that this "mysterious" website is the creation of Kate Schelter who is the only one in that world who could come up with this...

she designs websites and this style is clearly Kate - look at the Sykes baby web and Zani Jewelry — knows all the dirt - and the sure sign that it is Kate???? Nadine Johnson granting her the interview DUH - Nadine wouldn't talk to anyone else on such BS (I do yoga and read NINE papers every morning?) Nadine chain smokes, reads FIVE papers and doesn't give interviews to ANYONE

We've noooo idea why Page Six wouldn't have wanted to share the rest of the email with you, especially the part about Nadine! Anyway, what do you think? We're having trouble letting go of our 'writer' Derek Blasberg delusion, but we have to admit, the websites are similar.

New Clues To Scandalous Site [Page Six]