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  • Jeff Zucker to be named CEO of NBC Universal, because he's done so well so far and everyone loves him. [NYP]
  • Bob Wright should have canned him while he had the chance. [DHD]
  • It'd be hard to come up with a more stereotypical NYT headline than "Super Bowl Ads of Cartoonish Violence, Perhaps Reflecting Toll of War". [NYT]
  • Hachette looking to sell Premiere. [NYP]
  • Robert Novak: Typhoid Mary. [NYT]
  • Greg Gutfeld brings his witty "Ha ha ha, fuck you, liberals!" style of comedy to Fox News' "Red Eye." [Mediaweek]
  • Bud TV: It's like Office Pirates, but for beer. [NYT]
  • More on Viacom v. YouTube. [MediaPost]