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Apparently GLAAD—the self-appointed spokespeople of the swishy bacon, lettuce and tomato loving set run by the totally hot former mayor of America's other armpit, Tempe, Arizona—announced their "Media Awards" nominees at Sundance. It seems there were no Manhattan gays at Sundance, so none of us back in the real world ever heard about it in the intervening week since.

While there was no outstanding gay-friendly blockbuster GLAAD nominee this year along the lines of a Deliverance or, you know, Brokeback, and clearly they couldn't find a homo context in which to nominate 'mo-thrilling Dreamgirls, the corporate gays still did themselves rainbow-flag proud, putting their shimmery stamp of acceptability on a truly odd mish-mash. Their enthusiams this year include former lonely child, theatre-lover and NYT columnist Frank Rich, Details mag, the Marc Jacobs "Bear" advertising campaign—and in music, East Village skanks and sometime TV-anchor-daters The Scissor Sisters, as well as a bisexual Canadian former school-teacher who calls herself "Peaches" and is best known for propagating the idea of sex as nature's perfect ibuprofen.

According to an email from Peaches' publicist today, "The GLBT community recognizes Peaches as a beacon for the advancement and acceptance of GLBT lifestyles," which is at least two times too many to use half the words in that sentence. They could have just run with: "Disco-loving mohawked homos residing on or near Rivington fully recognize that Peaches makes great 'music' to which one can glass-pipe some meth and go all bareback stylee." Really, it's just about one step short of nominating Which, come to think of it....