Somehow we feel like this is our fault: Batten Barton Durstine Osborn got a little more lean yesterday.

From: Osborn, John (Ozzy)
Sent: Thu 2/1/2007 8:20 AM
To: New York BBDOers
Subject: Yesterday

Yesterday was a tough day. We were forced to say goodbye to some very close friends and colleagues.
Staffing reductions are never easy, and certainly never popular.
In order to keep up with the changes going on in our industry and the increased demands of our clients, we've had to re-evaluate the way we do business. As a result, we've moved some people around and have eliminated some positions in order to operate more efficiently and effectively.
Rest assured, we're poised, ready and optimistic about what lies ahead.
Here's to tomorrow and thanks for your understanding.


Hopefully he let them have a couple of drinks at the company bar on the way out the door.

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