Contrary to popular belief, sometimes we actually turn up to parties unannounced. Last night was such an occasion: Editorial Assistant Heather and her trusty sidekick Kate got wind of the DVD release party for Farce of the Penguins, Bob Saget's star-studded parody of March of the Penguins. Acting as if they belonged, our girls marched straight past the clipboard-wielding meanies to the open bar where they managed to mingle with the likes of Tracy Morgan, Lewis Black, Gilbert Gottfried, Neel Shah (seriously, does that guy ever go away?) and Mr. Danny Tanner himself. Take a look through our gallery of goodness here (NSFW if you're a penguin, or a zoologist, though), and for an extra uh, treat, check out the viral videos of fake penguin porn here.

Team Party Crash: Farce of the Penguins Release Party @ Tenjune [photos]