Have you ever imagined fashion to be a world of glitz and glamour ruled by German men with tight pants and little dogs and people who say things like "ponced around" with a straight face? Well, if Times fashion editor Cathy Horyn's blog is anything to go by, congrats. Those stereotypes you based on too many viewings of 'Zoolander' and 'Funkyzeit mit Bruno'? They're totally true.
On the contrast between a hockey game and the Raf Simons show:

As I stood watching the players chase the puck, my friend Klaus Stockhausen, the fashion director of German GQ, came in with his editor-in-chief, Manuel Frei.
I like Klaus. He's smart, full of energy and inside dope, and he always has a twinkle in his eye. I could tell from the grin on Klaus's face that he appreciated the exotic difference of the action on the rink. He got all the clich s, too.
He nudged Frei. "Come, schatzi, this is not for us," he said with affected agitation. "Let's go cuddle."

We get all the clich s too, Cathy!

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