Even Jesus got tired of pulling the "raising the dead" stunt after a while, but Maer Roshan has no such reticence. That's right, the first issue of the third incarnation of Radar is printed, ready to go, and being kept under Suri Cruise-in-Vanity Fair-type-embargo. We have very mixed feelings about this, since we actually sort of love the Radar website: Jeff "Scoopmeister" Bercovici consistently meists scoops, there's no better writer about television than John Cook, and, hell, they even let Neel Shah do a piece every now and again. The web is the natural home for this stuff; why waste resources on paper and staples when odds are that issue three will never see the light of day? We know that Maer's a print guy, but come on: Spy was years ago; people prefer their snark unbound these days. Nevertheless, we want to take this opportunity to offer you an early advisory: We are contractually required to cover the shit out of the subject. This post inaugurates our saturation coverage of the magazine's tertiary iteration: Whenever Matt Haber takes a leak, we'll be there. Consider yourself warned.