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A tipster reports:

One of the Times movie reviewers (who shall remain nameless, but who happened to review The Life Aquatic and Royal Tenenbaums), has a summer timeshare with Wes Anderson.

Now, a couple caveats.

For one, typically this would be old news, but given the Times' near-hysteria lately about conflicts of interests (cf. Lola Ogunnaike's suspension over her appearance on The View), we decided it might be fair game. Another caveat, and one which makes us more suspicious than usual about this tip: Wes Anderson has a summer timeshare? Surely at this point he can afford his own summer house, no?

Oh, and the reviewer? None other than A.O. Scott, who said of Life Aquatic:

As someone who was more annoyed than charmed by "Tenenbaums," I should have been completely exasperated with "The Life Aquatic," with its wispy story and wonder-cabinet production design, but to my surprise I found it mostly delightful.

Almost as delightful as those little soaps—you know the ones—in the guest bathroom, right, Wes?

Update: A.O. Scott has e-mailed to indicate that he does not have a summer share anywhere, and has never met Wes Anderson.