The Toronto Star takes the pulse of the culture:

The MisShapes have become international and Internet celebrities (albeit B-list) in their own right. This summer, they are releasing a fashion book featuring photos from their club night. They've been featured in The New York Times and they've deejayed for Versace and Calvin Klein. They also define "that's hot" - making U.S. music magazines Blender's Hot 100 and Spin's Hottest Top 25 lists.Although Lezark has become the breakout star of the trio, gracing the pages of Vogue, and Krelenstein is simply dubbed "The Other Guy," insiders know that Nicol runs The MisShapes show. Nicol is The MisShape who wears a signature black bowl cut so severe that Manhattan media gossip site Gawker has questioned whether he has eyes or not. But what nobody seems to know is that Nicol hails from Mississauga.

There's so much we don't know about The Other Guy — like the fact that he's usually referred to as Leotard Fantastic! After the jump, we let him explain who he is - his life, his loves, what really makes him tick - in his own words. Follow along, won't you?

  • On the Toronto music scene: "The only good thing coming from Toronto is Final Fantasy, MSTRCRFT and Crystal Castles."
  • On the importance of remaining upbeat: "Having a positive attitude, as cheesy as it sounds, is important."
  • On Debbie Harry: "If I had grandma hair, I'd wear a wig, too."
  • On man's need for sustenance: "I'm having a Big Mac Attack."
  • On the art of photography: "The great thing is that even if you're ugly, you'll look cool in our photos."
  • On fashion aesthetics: "I only wear clothes from Opening Ceremony."
  • On maintaining your vision and integrity: ""I'm not going to sit and pose with Benjamin Liu."
  • On the importance of friendship: "Sienna [Miller] is a good friend of ours, and I completely love anything to do with Warhol, especially anything that is an honest portrayal of that period in time."
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