So! More on Fake Bill Cunningham. Apparently NYM was tipped off to this guy a few months ago, and they've ID'd him as a man named Chris Callahan. But another tipster informs us that FBC might have a more insidious past:

His name is Peter Gianquinto, I encourage you to google him. He has a long history of posing as various managers/photographers as well as a more serious connection to the recent DC sniper shootings. He is a career con man and I have seen him put food in plastic ziplock bags from events. He always wears a hat has long blonde hair in the back and is almost always in a suit and tie. I know this for a fact as I met him at an event once and he later contacted myself trying to send emails from fake addresses, I never spoke to him again. He is marked by many of the high level security agencies GSS etc as being a fraud.

We did the requested Googling, and did indeed find evidence that Gianquinto has been arrested for, among other things, claiming to be a representative of the Rolling Stones, and also consorting with the Washington snipers. Whether this makes him a Fake Bill Cunningham, we have no idea. Do let us know if you've heard such things rumored.