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So you're probably already glutted on bloggy inside baseball today, but we wanted to bring you this news anyway because it's relevant to anyone who cares about intertnet celebrity gossip: Molly Goodson, of the Hauslaib-owned MollyGood blog, is departing her almosteponymous site for Lisa Sugar's almosteponymous site, PopSugar. We're fans of Molly's writing and her nose for the news. We also sort of feel bad that her dog didn't do better in the blog pets poll. So we wish her the best in her new gig, and we worry about how the Jossip (cough) empire will carry on without her. Seriously, first Corynne Steindler and now this!!

Molly's full announcement email is after the jump.

Hey Guys (and Gals), Molly Goodson of MollyGood here with an announcement. As of today (Friday, January 12th), I'll be moving over from MollyGood to take over as the editor of PopSugar. Lisa Sugar, the founder of all things Sugar, will, of course, be overseeing the show, but as Sugar Publishing has expanded she has tons of other tasks to take care of and I'm lucky enough (and live in San Francisco enough) to be able to take over many of the daily PopSugar duties for her. I'll be leaving MollyGood in the more than capable (frankly, probably more capable than my own...because I'm assuming he at least knows that Mary-Kate Olsen hyphenates her name) hands of a new editor, Cord, who will formally introduce himself on Monday.

Helping to launch MollyGood has been an amazing experience from the start and one of the best parts has been getting to know all of you (or at least feeling like I know you through reading your sites). So before I leave, I just wanted to thank you all so much for all of your links, kind words, and excellent writing that has only ever made me try harder at MollyGood. Of course, I look forward to continuing to work together and making this gossip blog world as fun and mutually beneficial as possible.

PopSugar has already launched tons of new, fun features with even more coming and I can't wait to lend my voice and enthusiasm to making the site as great as it can be.

So how does this effect you? Well, it doesn't really. Both sites will still be dishing up the gossip as fast as the starlets can take their their clothes off. I just wanted to avoid confusion when you go to PopSugar on Monday and someone named Molly is there, then skip over to MollyGood and the editor is named Cord.

So, drop me a line and say hi here at PopSugar and be sure to welcome MollyGood's new editor Cord to the world of gossip blogging as well.

Thanks, again, for everything. Now, get back to plugging away towards the weekend.


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