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Nice detail buried at the end of today's novel-length examination of disgraced P.I. Anthony Pellicano's connection to cranky billionaire Kirk Kerkorian:

By the time Mr. Pellicano was hired, the investor already had been told by his ex-wife's friends that she had had an affair with Mr. Bing, the film producer, around the time when her daughter was conceived. So, after Mr. Pellicano tried to but could not confirm that Ms. Kerkorian had been artificially inseminated, Mr. Christensen pressed him to focus on Mr. Bing — who was already embroiled in a contentious and public paternity fight with the actress Elizabeth Hurley.

At one point, on April 28, 2002, Mr. Christensen told Mr. Pellicano that he took no pleasure in pursuing Mr. Bing. "But Kirk is going through this, and he's been [expletive] defrauded, O.K.? And I am not resting until this is put to bed, and it's not going to be put to bed until we find out who the father is." Ultimately, Mr. Bing, who declined to comment, was identified as the father of Ms. Kerkorian's child, with the help of a DNA sample lifted from his trash.

Couple of questions: So did Steve Bing deny paternity of Elizabeth Hurley's kid or not? And is there anyone out there that Steve Bing hasn't impregnated?

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