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  • Nobody watched "I'm From Rolling Stone." [WWD]
  • Google in a deal with CBS; don't get too excited, it's just radio for now. [MDN]
  • Fox News: Ted Kennedy is a "hostile enemy" of the United States. [ThinkProgress]
  • Some lady from the BBC named Managing Editor at HuffPo. No word on whether or not she's got a qualified rack. [Romenesko]
  • Doug Brod named editor at Spin. [WWD]
  • Judy Miller: fans in high places. [NYS]
  • Blind Item: What scribe from a media-centric weekly publication was gatecrashed while covering a gossip columnist's birthday fiesta? It's not really daily news that sometimes people have to wait in line for the bathroom, but we hear that this journalist was observed over the transom trying to avoid the line by urinating off of the fire escape. The none-too-pleased host was concerned for his neighbors down under, and chided the young reporter until he turned pink-sheeted with embarrassment. [NYO, second item, "Ben Widdicombe Loves Weiners, Especially the One I Whipped Out On His Fire Escape"]
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