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If, like us, you run to the newsstand each Wednesday to get the new issue of Us Weekly, you'll have opened your copy today and noted the above correction. A tipster offers some backstory:

Guess Jann doesn't want any more lawsuits! When the legal letter arrived at Wenner Media's HQ last week, Jann got on the phone personally to apologize to Steve Bing. FYI, and a retraction in the NY Post [which quickly picked up the story] is to follow... Bing had considered Wenner a casual friend. Believe it or not, Jann couldn't get tickets to a Rolling Stone concert and it was Bing who got him 4 front row tickets and back stage passes! Wenner was so pissed about this item, and he really kissed Bing's ass. Bing is still waiting for the NY Post's apology for running the Us Weekly item without fact checking or comment calling him. [Damn you, Froelich, what were you thinking? - Ed.] Wenner is set to make up to Bing in another way too...

And that's where our source grew skittish? Any ideas (besides the obvious)? How could Jann make it up to Steve? Drop us a line.

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