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Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet is already grappling almost as hard as we are with the tough issues surrounding the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Obama's physique is old news to Chicago Sun-Times readers. I've worked out several times next to Obama at the East Bank Club, but alas, could not follow him into the locker room. My colleague Neil Steinberg did and reported on Jan. 6, 2006, that the undressed Obama "doesn't have enough fat on his body to make a butter pat."

Leaving us guessing as to the size of Obama's . . . commitment to sweeping policy change, Sweet then switches tack, getting Obama's reaction to the beefcake beach shot of his 'fatless' physque in this week's People. "It's paparazzi. Stop looking at it," Obama is quoted as saying. Uh, no probs, Barack: we've still got that hot Ebony spread to Snow on.

Fit to be President? [Chicago Sun-Times]

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