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A pair of Dolce & Gabbana ads that ran in the London Times and Daily Telegraph have caused a row (as they say over there) due to their literally knife-edgy content. The first ad shows a pair of D&G-clad boy-creatures on the brink of stabbing another of their number, apparently having already done in yet another who lies dead on the floor. The second ad is a Marie Antoinette-ish tableau that also involves a knife. (Full-size versions of both may be found after the jump.) These ads didn't cause trouble elsewhere, even in the U.S., but perhaps it was bad luck that the first ad ran opposite an article on knife-related crime. Beyond the stagey stabs, it's typical D&G melodrama all the way, "taking inspiration from the paintings of Delacroix and David." Not nearly as violent as those ads from Vogue Italia anyway. Can't we just get back to the blowjobs?

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