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  • What with everyone and their assistant editor decamping to that Allbritton online venture, the Times takes a closer look. And, at a quarter of a million dollars going to the two top slots, who wouldn't jump? [NYT]
  • Oh, man, we could not be more excited by the idea of a Cathy Horyn blog. Those Misshapes kids are dangerously underexposed as things stand now. [WWD]
  • NYT's Harvey Araton: "[W] e haven't quite figured out how to be as relevant as we can be." [SMG]
  • Nice Enemies List feature on Norman Mailer. [NYM]
  • We're not sure what Jack Shafer's on about in this article concerning the L.A. Times, but how can you not love a piece that starts, "Having neither shat nor gotten off the pot in Los Angeles..." [Slate]
  • Meet John Micklethwait, the sixteenth editor of The Economist. [Independent]