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We at Defamer love little in life more than when one of our readers goes through the trouble of eroding a famous person's privacy in a trivial way by surreptitiously snapping a blurry cameraphone image while they're in the act of doing something utterly mundane. (Stars, after all, are just like Us! Except with millions more dollars and an entire industry dedicated to documenting their every fart.) Our latest citizen paparazzo caught Shark actor James Woods by an LAX baggage claim on Tuesday; sadly, Woods was not accompanied by age-inappropriate snuggle-buddy/niece-like companion Ashley Madison, robbing us of an opportunity to make a gratuitous joke about how he might have patiently explained the difference between this kind of carousel ("I'm sorry, the horsies are never coming around, baby.") and the one in Griffith Park he used to take her to when she was 5.