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Yesterday we wondered aloud why the Socialite Ranklers had removed elder statesman of goss David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary from their blogroll. Could it have anything to do with a rumored beef between DPC and lead SR-writing suspect, "writer" Derek Blasberg, we thought but didn't say? Luckily, we didn't have to wonder for very long: a clarification landed in our inbox, on the monogrammed SR e-stationery:

Why we squashed DPC... We decided to finally remove Mr. Columbia's site from our link list for a very simple reason: DPC's incredibly boring. Well, we guess there are more inspirations as well. His target audience already qualifies for reservation spaces in the cemeteries; his writing has become as dull as an airline plastic knive and his all-inclusive policy of ugly people pictures has gotten on our nerves. No one reads his magazine, except the occasional C-list Hamptons and 10021 residents who make its "distinguished" pages. Otherwise, the kind help staff recycles the damn thing. So, there is no bitter feud. Just a lack of appreciation for an old man who couldn't.

Nope, no bitter feud there. Nosiree.

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