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Ah, a debate that never gets old. Whither the Park Slope stroller mom? Is she, as some allege, a crazed baby addict who wields her Bugaboo like a tank down Seventh Avenue, stopping for nothing and nobody in her way? Or is she merely a caring mother who's fallen victim to nasty stereotypes? On Brownstoner (scroll down), the comments are flying fast and furious. Some of the choice words being flung around:

  • "I have also had it with the Slope. The mothers, all frumpy and judgmental with spit up on their sleeves, pushing others off the sidewalk with their 'double wide' baby carriages. Egad."
  • "I'm sure people buy their "bugaboos" because they need them to transport multiple children, and that's fine; but it is NO excuse to treat other people (e.g., pedestrians) like garbage. Other people have the right to walk down the sidewalk without being treated like human refuse. The fact that one half of my DNA doesn't come from you does not make me a second class citizen. Sorry."
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  • "Bugaboos cost $900. Of course it's a status symbol, nobody say otherwise. As for the giant strollers, 99% of the time I see ONE child in them, not two, in Park Slope. Give us a break."
  • "Bugaboo, like many stroller manufacturers, makes single and double strollers. I suspect the people using "bugaboo" as a synonym for "double stroller" derive their whole knowledge of child-rearing from reading Gawker and New York magazine trend articles." [Is something wrong with that? —Ed.]
  • "I do agree that a lot of park slope parents are self involved and don't pay attention to those around them - but I agree with the earlier poster that these people were probably equally obnoxious and self absorbed before they had children. For some reason park slope seems to attract this type now. Sad. That is great deal of the reason I moved out of park slope. I didn't want my children raised like I see a lot of the parents there raising their kids - to feel entitled and all important, etc... This has little to do with the stroller they are pushing, however."
  • And so on and so forth. Our heads are spinning! The only thing we can really say we've learned is that people in Park Slope can discuss themselves, and their children, ad nauseum.
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