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Scribes of dead-tree media, beware! Your days of carelessly printing alleged falsehoods about vestigial celebrities are over. Now, the unfairly maligned can strike back with that mighty tool known as MySpace. Kendra Wilkinson, the "Young Dumb One" from The Girls Next Door (the cringefest where wizened mummy Hugh Hefner oversees his trio of nubile concubines), got a brief mention in a recent Page Six. The small bit simply mentioned a tipster who confirmed the worst-kept secret in Hefnerdom, i.e. that his sweet young things might live in his mansion as part of some commercial arrangement. Today, Kendra respondeth:

I just wanna clear some things up for u who read the article on page six in the New York post. ITS NOT TRUE!!! hahahaa!!!! I am very happy in my life and I love Hef with all my heart.

More touching sentiments and stirring fan defense after the jump.

Holly, Bridget and I are perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong!!! I do not have a contract to live here like the article said, I am here because i want to be here and cuz Hef wants me to be here. There was one thing in that article that they got right and that was the spelling of my name hahaha!!! So like i said before, don't believe every stupid article u see cuz most of them are coming from very jealous, evil people! Anyways, I love u all and i wish u all the best in 2007!!!

Girl's not on a contract? Trust us, freelancing never pays off in the long run. Equally charming are various commenters suggesting the proper return volley, such as

Maybe you should start a rumor about the Post? since that seems to be what they did to you?

Great idea! We hear that Richard Johnson is only working at the New York Post because he has a contract, and he has a ton of offers and cannot wait to get out, though he is grateful. More poignant is another bit of industry commentary from one of Kendra's other MySpace Friends:

Well consider the source.... it was the media! They love to mess with people's lives.

It's true. We do. To us, your lives are merely cheap and breakable playthings, tossed aside when their charm has faded or the next one comes along. Much like Kendra and her housemates, really.

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