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In today's episode: Tom Cruise; Ron Howard; Don Cheadle; Steven Soderbergh and Jules Asner; Kelly Clarkson; Jeff Goldblum; Antonio Villaraigosa; Giovanni Ribisi and Jason Lee; Andy Dick; Chad Lowe; Slash; Nicolette Sheridan; Lionel Richie and Ed McMahon; Peter Bogdanovich and Cybill Shepherd; Dita Von Teese; McG and Kate Mara; Zach Braff and Kate Walsh; Penny Johnson Jerald; Eric Benet; Fred Durst; Ian Ziering; Clay Lee and Marcellas Reynolds. In Miami: Lindsay Lohan.

· So I wake up this morning (1/1), hung over but happy to have rung in the NY in style with Gnarls and the Lips, and my b/f and I have a hankering for good old fashioned cooking from Aunt Bea, but since she's dead, we settled for dingy old Dolores on Santa Monica and Purdue - apparently, Opie (Ron Howard) had the same thought, and was sitting about two feet away from us. It's good to know that our million-dollar-earning A list directors can shlep it with the best (worst?) of us at Diners replete with completely un-ironic vinyl booths and 90-year-old phlegm hacking waitresses, with such culinary delights on the menu as "Two Eggs, Any style $4.99". For the record, he was there with an older couple, and a woman who I presume to be his wife. He was looking scruffy, with week old stubble, and the trademark ball cap. I didn't get what he ordered, but did over hear him talking about Jack Black in The Holiday. Coulda recognized that trademark Bluth family narrator voice from anywhere.

Also, and maybe this doesn't technically qualify for Privacywatch as I didn't see him, but it seems that national days-off-work are lucky for celebrity sightings for my boyfriend. When he went for his morning run on Christmas (seriously, who exercises on xmas day?), blasting the Rocky theme on his ipod, stops to cross a road and comes face to face with Tom Cruise in his Bentley-type car. I'm told the evil eye was exchanged, but my b/f was not quick thinking enough to wish him a Merry Christmas and see if this incurred the Wrath of Xenu.

· At the tail-end of a booze-fueled trip to the area, I finally got in my obligatory celeb spotting on Sunday morning, New Year's Eve — Don Cheadle at the Omelette Parlor in Santa Monica. He was waiting outside (celebs wait for tables! they're just like us!) and I didn't even notice him until we went on a coffee run to the Bean and Tea Leaf and my friends said "DID YOU SEE DON CHEADLE STANDING NEXT TO US?" His daughters were with him and were very cute (but no Bridgid Coulter). Other people (who looked like they just came from church) were greeting him and shaking his hand, so I didn't bug him, but man, is he HOT.

· 2 sightings...(sorry, know these are late for post holiday cut off..)

Christmas Eve I was at the Mayfair Market on Franklin around 6 pm...and realized in was in line behind Steven Soderbergh and Jules Asner (ok, I admit I'd been in the frozen food section stalking her in her tight t shirt before I realized it was her) they ended up buying only orange juice and cinnamon rolls. It's a good thing he's with her because she has enough crazy thick hair for 4 people...i don't know, it just seemed like a funny sighting...

also saw kelly clarkson 12/27 at the susina Bakery on Beverly..wouldn't have looked twice, but she was wearing a baseball hat barely perched on her head and large shiny gold sunglasses and kept looking around the small store liked she was going to be mobbed. Was with an entourage of 6 or 7 and she looked chubby (sorry to be mean, but it's true!) She ordered a spinach croissant and grabbed it out of the bag while still in line to pay to start eating. Here's to less snark in 07!

· Sunday, 12/31, I came up the stairs at Crunch and saw Jeff Goldblum in street clothes and inexplicable granny glasses, perched on an ab bench and chatting intensely with an attractive (much younger) brunette on the neighboring machine. They were there for at least the 25 minutes I spent in the vicinity, locked in conversation. But didn't someone send in nearly the exact same sighting last week? Do these multiple identical sightings mean that "Jeff Goldblum with a pretty brunette at Crunch" is now the West Coast version of "Mike Myers with a hockey stick on the Lower East Side"?

· Friday night 12/29 at the Grove, saw Mayor McCheese himself, Antonio Villaraigosa, being accosted by a constituent in the lobby of the movie theatre. I think this guy was telling him how to run the city, I kinda felt sorry for the Mayor, but not enough to interrupt. He's kinda swarthy looking in person, I'm used to seeing retouched pictures of him on magazine covers.

Also saw Giovanni Ribisi with a blonde that was way too tall for him. I thought he was married to a brunette?

· Was having lunch with friends at Pierre Lafond Bistro in Santa Barbara on January 1 when a group of six sat down across from us. Two of the three guys were Giovanni Ribisi and Jason Lee, from My Name is Earl. Jason Lee had the giant 'stache and grizzly beard grossness that he sports on tv. Giovanni was really short and wouldn't shut up. Also, Jason Lee kept grabbing and lovingly caressing Giovanni's hand. Giovanni looked uncomfortable. It seemed like each guy was coupled up with a girl, but Jason Lee was more interested in Giovanni than the young Cate Blanchett look-a-like sitting next to him. [Ed. note: We allowed this one even though it's a Santa Barbara sighting, mainly for the Lee-on-Ribisi action.]

· I personally don't know much about him...nor his claim to fame, but approx 11pm last night while enjoying the downtime between the holiday roommate & I saw Andy Dick, also with a friend at The Abbey. Andy had a drink in hand...and was moving freely amongst the late night "poseurs"...who all of course can't be bothered with celebrities in their midst.

· Chad Lowe having lunch in McCoy Station on Mammoth Mountain with friends. Smiled as he asked people at a neighboring table for hot sauce. I wonder if all the snow made him long for days of yore.

Saw Slash and his hair at the Gelson's Market on Van Nuys Blvd in Sherman Oaks. He had a boy (son?) with him who was shuffling his feet and humming. Slash looked like he just stepped out of the "November Rain" video, leather jacket and tight black pants. Funny seeing a rock and roll god picking out peanut butter!

· Old news—Dec. 15— sorry but kind of funny. Was in a small shop on Third St (right near Free Hand) when the Paparazzi started shooting in the store from the street. I looked around and there were only four of us shopping the other three were the workers. One of the clerks closed the gate on the windows to give someone privacy. I looked around and couldn't figure out at first who it was and spotted a blonde with long hair, big sunglasses (it was early evening) and a tight pair of workout clothes that outlined her great bod. I thought, "Nicolette Sheridan." After her friend/publicist or something else said,"Well, I guess we can't go to the other stores now." They left. No one knew who she was even the guy who closed the gates didn't know. I said it was Nicolette Sheridan and the people in the store still seemed blank. I said how come you closed the gates if you didn't know who it was. He said, " I always try to make people shopping here comfortable." I thought, "classy."

· Saturday night at the Arclight - am in the lobby walking over to the Dome to see the late show of "Dreamgirls" and I turn around to realize that Lionel Richie is walking right behind me... headed to the garage. After trading sightings with a friend who saw an earlier "Dreamgirls" screening, it seems Lionel R. was at the 8:00 show. It's all a little surreal and meta to see "Dreamgirls" with, well, a famous Motown singer.

· I went to my first screening in the Cineramadome at the Arclight Thursday night for Dreamgirls. In the theater with my family and ever gay male in Hollywood was Dita Von Teese. She was sitting with a few friends, but no Marilyn.

While eating a late lunch at the Polo Lounge I saw Lionel Richie. Before sitting at his table he stopped to chat with Ed McMahon, who was with three other people. Lionel seemed excited to see Ed and his friends and talked with them for a while before meeting a friend at a different table.

Sitting across from me at Genghis Cohen on Fairfax were Peter Bogdanovich, Cybill Shepherd, and Cybill's daughter. Peter had with him his trademarked large, round plastic-framed glasses.

· Went down to the OC to celebrate the new years weekend and saw McG, We are Marshall director, and Kate Mara eating Caesar salad made table side and what looked like chicken at the Arches. They were with another couple and kept laughing and hugging. They are def together!

· The Jane Doe's private party @ OntheRox on New Year's, I saw Zach Braff was chatting it up for a while with A.R. Tubbs from The Jane Doe's as was Kate Walsh (Grey's Anatomy).

· Saturday, 12/30/06 (11:00am): I saw Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer, the First Lady on "24" Seasons 1-3) at the Starbucks in Leimert Park. She was with another lady just relaxing waiting for her coffee. I was with a friend and she (Penny) definitely looked familiar, but I didn't remember her name until after we left the coffee shop. She is very pretty in person, btw.

Saturday, 12/30/06(3:00pm): I also saw Eric Benet (Halle Berry's ex) at the Grove movie theaters (yes, me and my friend get around). We went to see Dreamgirls and saw Benet and his daughter (probably, since she looked about 12 years old or so) heading in to see a movie (don't know what movie he saw since we were headed out).

· We attended the NYE Benchwarmer/Rockstar/Asombroso Model Mansion Party in the Hills on New Year's and were promised celebrities. The only one in sight was Ian Ziering, clearly on something (won't get into specifics), dancing with everyone in sight and looking fabulous in a hot striped shirt and black suit. Looks great for 42 and a very fun, cool guy.

· What the hell ever happened to Fred Durst? Not sure anyone still cares about that tool, but I was graced with his presence at back-to-back meals this weekend. First, at Katsu-ya Studio City on 12/30 for a late-ish dinner. Looking much thinner and cleaner than those Limp Bizkit days. And again for brunch on 12/31 at Toast. Lucky me!

· I just saw Clay Lee from The Apprentice with Marcellas Reynolds from Big Brother. They were in Bloomingdale's in the Beverly Center shopping. They are a couple and were so cute! I'm a reality TV show fan so I talked to both of them about their shows. Really nice guys.

PrivacyWatch Lindsay Lohan SobrietyWatch Edition:

· Lindsay Lohan is drinking at The Delano in Miami as I write this. Looks like Vodka Redbull.