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Former penis-molder, photographer, and FHM editor-at-large (before he was fired for making vaguely derogatory comments about Howard Stern's girlfriend Beth Ostrosky) Jake Bronstein has always been a bit jacknapey, but his latest stunt is rather amusing, if only for the sheer head-scratchingness of how he managed to pull off stealing a four-foot-long poster of Beth Ostrosky from the FHM offices.

Our tipster's report, after the jump.

If you just happened to be Bronstein looking for a little jacknapery, you may have considered:

going back to the magazine you once worked for (FHM), sharing some kind words with the man that fired you (Scott Gramling), then brazenly stealing a series of framed pictures off the wall as you exist. I'd heard the rumors, but didn't believe it until I looked at his myspace page this morning and noticed a picture posted by one of his friends in which he shows off two of the TWELVE stolen works—including the cover of the first issue ever published in this country, and a giant framed poster of Beth Ostrosky, the woman for whom he was fired. It should be noted that the perspective is somewhat skewed, that wall must be quite a ways behind the couch, as the picture of Beth is over four feet across and took up nearly a whole wall in the elevator lobby. How he walked past security without getting stopped is still a mystery.

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