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  • The artist currently known as Prince is "in talks to develop a musically themed magazine." We can't w8 2 read it! [WWD]
  • 2007 trends in advertising might include more lip service being paid to The Environment , more "online terrain . . . blurring with the physical world," clearer branding, and ads for flying skateboards . Oh, come on, please? Man, this 'future' sure isn't living up to our expectations. [NYT]
  • CBS is definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY not hiring Rick Kaplan to save Katie Couric's ratings. [Jossip]
  • Coverage of John Edwards's New Orleans omitted reference to levee failures, thereby sort of, you know, missing the entire point. [ETP]
  • Did Ann Curry's smarm tarnish Gerald Ford's legacy? [FishbowlNY]
  • Christopher Hitchens clarifies his brilliant "women aren't funny" insight: only "hefty, dykey, or Jewish women" can be funny. Bravo, Chris, that's a fucking hilarious joke! [Radar]