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When Anne Hathaway, whose funbag-flashing moment in the back of a car provided Brokeback Mountain audience members a brief respite from the steady onslaught of Heath-on-Jake action, recently attempted to toast the holidays at the Gramercy Park hotel, a doorman failed to recognize the star. (We imagine he has since been chained to a rolling AV cart in the hotel's boiler room with multiple copies of The Princess Diaries and Devil Wears Prada.) Luckily, the NY Daily News reports, she was traveling with her husky, hairy guardian angels in tow:

The "Devil Wears Prada" star was headed with friends to the Gramercy Park Hotel. But while Sean Penn and his party of eight were allowed in right ahead of them, door staff failed to recognize the dressed-down starlet. The velvet rope stayed tightly clamped shut.

Undeterred, her friends (who we can safely say were fans of her role in "Brokeback Mountain") took her instead to Snaxx - a W. 23rd St. bar for burly gay men known as "bears."

"No one hassled her, and she had a great time," said a witness. "It was beer night."

Clearly this anonymous witness must have been new to the sleuth, as any bear worth his berries knows every night is beer night. (For more on bear behavior, watch this short, informative video. SFW!) Still, we'll take his word that she had a hassle-free great time, and that Hathaway wasn't tackled on her way to the keg line by a formation of bearded linebackers insisting she divulge, "OK. Who's the bigger diva...Jake or Meryl?!?!?"