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  • Fashion magazine editor in chief documentary fever has risen to such a pitch that there are even cameras following around Marie Claire's Joanna Coles. Where will it end, Life& Style?? [NYT]
  • Related: will anyone care about the Courteney Cox as Bonnie Fuller show? [WWD]
  • You've been waiting for it: in-depth analysis of the Gerald Ford-related SNL sketches on YouTube. Best quote: "Ford is the first former President to die in the YouTube age (the last to pass away was Reagan in 2004, before YouTube was even invented)." [ETP]
  • A 23-year-old WSJ assistant editor's deep thoughts on the state of journalism. [Tristram Shandy]
  • What it was like to interview the man who was for some reason known to his intimates as "Jerry" Ford. [Poynter]
  • "Scoop War" between National Enquirer and InTouch re: Carrie Underwood and . . . we've already lost interest. [Jossip]
  • Great Moments in James Brown Journalism, from the Philadelphia Daily News: "Brown estate has her bewildered, in a cold sweat." Hey, at least no one has made the "he wasn't feeling good" joke yet. Uh, til now. [FishbowlNY]
  • Editorial director of UK's Telegraph papers bids adieu. [MediaGuardian]