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One can't let a Gawker guest editing spot pass one by without taking at least one gratuitous swipe at Newsday. If my new bosses around here would see fit to take any of my suggestions seriously, this would be a daily feature. Since it's not really relevant to "Manhattan media news and gossip," however - and since it's Long Fucking Island, after all — I doubt this will ever happen. Still and all, a regular strafing of Impulse!, Newsday's reader-driven entertainment feature, is something everyone should consider. For example, Glen Cove's Laura S. explains why "The Office" is her favorite TV show of 2006:

By far, the best sitcom of the year. The slapstick, dry humor is just genius. I would love to work there and have Steve Carell's character Michael as my boss! The show definitely sums up every type of person in any office.

We'd have to agree, Laura. Dry slapstick really is true genius.

Impulse! [Newsday]

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