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When there's blanket coverage of a celebrity death, it's always fun to compare the way it's handled by different news outlets. So: who do you think described James Brown's signature style and moves most whitely and dorkily?

  • "He created a revolutionary sound that mixed funky rhythms and staccato horns behind his own often explosive vocals." [Reuters]
  • "And then he rushes back to the microphone, once again emitting those husky grunts and shimmying dance moves that were his calling card." [AP]
  • "The rhythmic intensity and daring of Mr. Brown's music made it uniquely influential." [Boston Globe]
  • "[Brown] found the percussive side of every instrument and meshed sharply syncopated patterns into kinetic polyrhythms that made people dance." [NYT]
  • Uh, ding ding ding.