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In today's episode Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley and Scott Baio; Pamela Anderson; Mark Ruffalo; James Woods and Ashley Madison; Jessica Alba; Chris Klein and Ginnifer Goodwin; David Duchovny; Maria Shriver; Famke Janssen; David Lynch; B.J. Novak; Kate Hudson; Cesar Millan; Jean-Claude Van Damme; Tom Arnold; John Glover; "Weird Al" Yankovic; Judith Light and Juliette Lewis.

· Monday evening 12/18 - Polo Lounge - While having a drink at the bar I saw Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie & her strange looking husband with the hat. Scott Baio was at a nearby table.

On Tuesday afternoon 12/19 I saw Pamela Anderson buying a ton of toys at Tom's Toys in Beverly Hills. She's much tinier than I expected. Real friendly too - not even wearing much makeup or requisite huge sunglasses

· yo! totally invisible in his ball cap, Mark Ruffalo does Hollywood Home Depot Tuesday morning. dude looks like he knows his way around. nobody paid him a bit of attention. still too much the 'Art' film star?

· Jimmy woods @ dan tanas with ashley whatsherface ( Madison) right now. 12.19 9thirty

· I ran into Jessica Alba at the newly remodeled Century City mall on Wednesday evening (around 5pm) December 20th, 2006. She wore a baggy knit cap to cover some unkempt, highlighted hair, a light brown leather jacket, slim fit jeans and high heel boots while smiling and power walking with a spikey haired man and older woman (boyfriend & mother? i dunno). P.S. that new food court is like a futuristic space-station cafeteria...a whole vendor devoted to serving chile in all forms? amazing! My new favorite "less-crowded-than-the-grove" mall.

· Saw Chris Klein and Ginnifer Goodwin at John O'Groats this morning. He was tall, she was tiny. She has such a beautiful clear complexion (and is seriously Katie Holmes twin).. they were talking about her leaving on Saturday and some present he bought her in Nevada.

· Early afternoon at the Wild Oats off Montana in Santa Monica on 12/19. I was getting a muffin when a slightly greasy looking guy was waiting behind me...realized at the cash register that it was none other than David Duchovny. Looks pretty good, and exactly like he did on X-Files.

· Monday (12/18) I was visiting disneyland with some out of town guests. they wanted to see celebrities, but all the LA gods had to offer was first lady Maria Shriver. She was on the peter pan ride with another woman. Three kids were in the pirate ship in front of them and the blondest one gave the ride operator a "hang loose" sign—so apparently they have a pre-teen deadbeat surfer in the family. Maria, of course, looked fresh from chemo. incidentally, they didn't seem to have much in the way of security with them, so apparently her cheekbones double as weapons.

· As I was pulling into my Miracle Mile office building this morning (12-20), Famke Janssen was heading out of the driveway. Her extreme tallness is apparent even when she's folded into the front seat a gun-metal gray Prius.

· Speaking of the Grove... David Lynch was there on Sunday, Dec. 17, eating at one of the two restaurants with a much younger, seemingly Russian lady.

Right after that, ran into B.J. Novak at the Trader Joe's on 3rd and La Brea.

· I think I saw Kate Hudson, the baby and not Owen Wilson together walking East from Urth Cafe in West Hollywood (I think it was sunday, but I was boozed in a cab).


La piece de resistance of sightings in my life.... It was a cold and wet Saturday night at the Petco parking lot on the corner of Doheney and Melrose. I was wearing worn out and slippery J Crew flips from last summer, walking as carefully as possible holding my shoppings. Out of the deep dark night, I heard dulcet tones of an angel "Do you need a hand?" I nearly fell on my ass. Cesar Millan. The dog whisperer himself, offering to help me to my car. He is small, and manly, and I love him

· Dec 17 - beautiful Sunday morning in Santa Monica - there was Jean Claude Van Damme at the Coffee Bean on Main Street. Recognized him right away since he hasn't seemed to age a bit since his first movie. Well, Ok - maybe a little extra chin.

· 16 Dec 2006, 10pm - I saw Tom Arnold at the Century City AMC with a woman who appeared to be, after a quick google image search, his wife. My boyfriend was buying tickets and I turned around and saw Tom standing in line. My boyfriend is a huge fan of his wacky personality and his former sports show. I tried to get my boyfriend to say hi, but he got shy and didn't want to disturb them - but I know he will regret it. This was a semi-exciting event because it was my first sighting after living in LA for a couple of years.

· On Sunday, Dec. 17, I saw John Glover going the WRONG WAY at the IKEA in Burbank. Dude totally came in through the exit and was swimming against the tide through the textiles department, towards the surprisingly dim lighting area. He was sporting a pony tail, long trench coat, and dark pants, and looked exactly like he did in that episode of Law and Order. Maybe he thought it was a reshoot, and we were all extras. Maybe he's too artsy to heed the call of the arrows on the floor pointing the other direction. Who knows what that guy's thinking?

· 4:45PM Thursday, while ducking out of work for some last second gift shopping, I saw Weird Al Yankovic walking around in the Apple Store at the Grove. He looks a little tired, and possibly a bit dazed as he circled the genius bar. He was wearing a grey 'Weird Al 2004' tour sweatshirt and some kind of faux-alligator print Vans. What was he buying? I have no clue. If there weren't a whole bunch of e-mail terminals right there, I might not have even bothered to send this in. Except that Weird Al's "In 3-D" was one of my favorite albums of all time, and I've been humming his "Eye Of The Tiger" parody all week because the new Rocky movie is coming out.

· 12/20 80's cheesy TV flashback at the coffee shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel — none other than Judith Light (tony danza's foil "angela" on the series "who's the boss") waiting for a seat at the counter. no attitude.

And the award for C-level Sighting Shamelessly Planted In A Misguided Attempt At Moving Some Of Your Store's Crappy, Outdated Merchandise goes to:

· Juliette Lewis was shopping yesterday in the Yana K Boutique on Melrose Ave (West Hollywood) where she purchased the "Turtle Up Dress". The turtleneck dress she bought was velvet with a blue black and tan 80's style print. So retro! Samples and images are available. Please contact Yana K directly as I will be out of the country beginning tonight!!! Her email is [redacted]. Happy holidays!