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LOCKHART STEELE — You might not have heard of the new foodsite Serious Eats yet, but at the rate that noted food journalist Ed Levine is stockpiling blog talent, you probably will sooner or later. (Or, if you choose to keep reading, now! Thirty-second backstory: Levine, recognizing that his vision for a next-generation version of foodie message board Chowhound would require some serious tech and editorial chops, brought in founder Meg Hourihan as a consultant a few months back alongside popular food bloggers such as Adam Kuban and The Amateur Gourmet, each of whom contribute to the site and participate in an ad network on their personal blogs. Serious Eats formally launched earlier this month.)

Today, we hear Levine has hired Alaina Browne, a MuleDesign vp and one of the first food bloggers, to be Serious Eats' general manager. She'll be moving back to New York City from San Francisco at some point soon. Which means what for her husband, blogging software Six Apart vp/good guy Anil Dash? Well, the slug on the top of the native New Yorker's personal blog today reads, "I'm coming back like Jay-Z." Hmmm.

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