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A reader shares this incredible and heartwarming tale from a Saturday night holiday party, which from this late December day forward we fully expect to be passed down through the generations like that story about the virgin, the baby in the manger, and the three rich guys who showed up with some presents (or, at the very least, like the one about the depressed bald kid with the sickly Christmas tree):

Wow! Was at the home of good friends Ted & Sue for an annual Christmastime party last night (Saturday, December 16th). Was in the living room with 15 other guests when there was a knock at the front door. Someone shouted "come in" and none other than Chad Lowe opened the door and came inside. He immediately realized he was at the wrong party (no celebrities here, not even celebrities' spouses) and he said "I think we are at the wrong party!". He asked, "Is this Diane and Michael's house?" and some of us said no while some other cranks in the room shouted, "Yes, there in the back yard!" Really fun stuff for a whole minute as Chad tried to figure out where the fuck he was. Very nice and smiling, and apologetic upon discovering he was being teased. I glanced outside and caught sight of his companion, and lo it was NOT Hilary. Good luck Chad, we think you rock just the way you are!

Although this story had a happy ending, with the wayward celebrity being sent on his way without first being forcibly detained and waterboarded with eggnog until he surrendered all of his Hollywood secrets (as would have happened if he'd showed up uninvited to the Defamer holiday event), we still can't help but feel badly for Lowe; how many more Christmas parties does he have to accidentally stumble into before people stop expecting him to be accompanied by Hilary Swank? We suspect he'll have to wander door-to-door with his date at least a few more times with that new ladyfriend before he finally establishes a holiday party identity separate from that of his more famous, double-Oscar-winning ex-wife.