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Damn, you people know a lot about pot. The flood of tips engendered by our solicitation for expert advice on current spot pricing resulted in a number of e-mails, but our favorite came late in the day:

I used to work for a now-defunct delivery service in Manhattan in the early years of the millenium. Runners would be dispatched by pager all over the city (from 96th street down, naturally). The going price was $60 for a 2 gram box of hydroponic ( Cannabis Cup winning varieties like Juicy Fruit, White Widow, White Rhino, Blueberry, AK47, Humboldt Harvest, Bulldozer, G13). At $30 a gram, the price per ounce would be $810, so certainly $560 is nowhere close to the most expensive weed that exists, unless there were a volume discount. A funny blind item anecdote: Among many other low-grade celebs, I once delivered to the editor-in-chief of a certain magazine that rhymes with "Retails". Apropos of wide speculation as to the sexual proclivities of its readership, this editor chose a box of the cannabis varietal named "Closet Queen".

We knew it! Retails readers, you are so ray!

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