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Remember when we posted that YouTube clip of Beauty Junkie Alex Kucz lambasting 740 Park author Michael Gross via voicemail? And remember when, after the clip, we mentioned that "This obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with Monday's Kucz Fresh Air interview, by the way"? Well, David Patrick Columbia wants to lift the scales from your eyes, America: that "voicemail message" is actually a clip from the Fresh Air interview, taken out of context and spliced together with Gross's voicemail via the magic of technology! Let's let Columbia explain it a little more thoroughly:

It was that NPR interview from which they clipped Ms. K's voice saying "you are a complete and total utter ... etc." about another subject entirely, to accompany the clip from Michael Gross' answering machine. You with me? In other words he said it and she said it but not in the sequence (or even on the medium) represented by the clip. They used their real voices saying things they actually said, albeit out of context (in a radio interview rather than a deposted phone message), and presented as truth to the undiscerning (most of us).

Uh, David? Most of . . . you. Seriously, it was just you.

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