We missed this pretty dead-on Mad TV parody of Studio 60 back when it originally aired in November, due largely to the fact that we had no idea that Mad TV is still on the air. (Usually when we say that, we're just being wiseasses, but we genuinely thought the show was canceled two years ago—hey, even their official website thinks they only went 10 seasons.) But now, thanks to the power of YouTube, we're offered a peek into a parallel television universe, where the Sorkinesque patter crackles rather than grates ("Dammit! Can anyone here be a fluffer, is a fluffer, *know* a fluffer?!"), where we fully believe in the talent of Savannah, their featured performer, and where the stakes are appropriately high—we find ourselves not only caring deeply about our tumescent boys at King's Air Force Base in Bellevue, Illinois, but believing that if their rocks are not gotten off, national security would, in fact, be compromised. Enjoy your all too brief trip to Studio 69 on Van Nuys Boulevard.